Sailing in and along Antwerp

Hannus in Antwerp may be booked by groups for sailingtrips on the river Schelde. It is a wonderful exciting experience to sail on a historical ship, with only handdriven equipment to raise the sails and lower and raise the heavy oak swords.

Sailing along the waterfront of Antwerp is and the impressive harbour you will never forget.

Of course at the end of the day you can have a drink and diner in Antwerp or on board of Hannus.  after such a heavy day you will love to sleep and dream  in a comfortable cabin.

Please contact us for possible arrangements.


Over hannusantwerpen

We offer Sleep & GO or Bed and Breakfast services right in the beautiful historic harbour centre of Antwerp aboard of a > 100 years old traditional ship. Voor sportieve reizigers en groepen; Pour voyageurs sportives et groupes; Fuer sportive Reisenden und Gruppen; For sportive travellers and groups.
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